Rive di Guia Extra Brut Angelin Beo

This Valdobbiadene Docg is obtained from grapes grown exclusively in the village of Guia, a land that has always been home to our family and continues to thrill us daily. Deciding to assemble and vinify only the grapes of our country, means to pay tribute to what is the origin of our history, our passion and even our success: our Earth.
We called this sparkling wine "Angelin Beo", a name with which Angelo Bortolin, the founder of our winery, is known on the spot, since his 80th birthday and the company's 50th anniversary coincide in 2018.
A Valdobbiadene with zero residual sugar, which allows you to appreciate the characteristics of the earth. Tasted at a temperature of 10/12 ° C in a very large glass, this sparkling wine is aimed at a careful and curious consumer, who wants to be carried away by emotions.

To taste it in all its integrity, it should be consumed within 22/24 months from the date of bottling. To know when our Valdobbiadene Docg Angelin Beo has been bottled, simply photograph the QR-CODE that is on the back label of our bottle, or connect to the site and enter the lot number indicated. Here you can find out the actual organoleptic data of the bottle you are tasting, know how many bottles and in how many formats the same sparkling wine has been bottled, and above all to view and download the certificate of suitability issued by the ministerial body VALORITALIA.

Available in 0.75L and 1.5L versions in our personal bottle that reminds the twisting shape of a grapevine.