Rive di Guia Extra Brut Sommaval

This Valdobbiadene is obtained only and exclusively from grapes of a single vineyard that has always belonged to our family and that we call "Sommaval", an historical vineyard located in Guia of Valdobbiadene, at an altitude of 350 mt and facing South. The hard choice to vinify a single vineyard, born from the desire to make understand how complex is the art of working in Valdobbiadene. Obtain a wine from a single vineyard, means to enclose in the glass the characteristics and the peculiarities that are exclusive of that land, collecting the different shades that each season gives us. Making it with 0 residual sugar allows us to offer something unique, different, typical and characteristic of that land. It does not absolutely mean that it must necessarily be the best, but certainly inimitable and unrepeatable. A wine for connoisseurs, for the curious, for lovers of our denomination, for who wants to know better our identity, our work, our family and our philosophy.
It should be served between 10°- 12° in a very large glass and tasted with your eyes closed, letting yourself be carried away by emotions. A meditation wine, to share with friends exchanging their opinions.
In order to taste it in all its integrity, it should be consumed within 22/24 months from the bottling date.
To know when our Valdobbiadene Docg Sommaval has been bottled, just photograph the QR-CODE that is printed on the back label of our bottle, or connect to the site and enter the lot number indicated. Hier you can know the organoleptic data of the bottle you are tasting, how many bottles and in which sizes the sparkling wine has been bottled, and see and download the certificate of suitability issued by the ministerial body VALORITALIA.

It is available in the size 0,75L in our personal bottle, that is inspired by the twisting branch of the vine.